George Schmidt

George William Schmidt

George William Schmidt, son of Louis Schmidt Sr. and Caroline Schiessel, was born 28 February 1893 in Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin. He was christened at St. Vincent Catholic church, also in Oshkosh. He married Olga Emily Becker on 20 April 1914 at Holy Trinity Catholic church, Milwaukee. Olga was the daughter of Peter and Ida Becker. They had no children.

Dibby, as George was known, served as a wagoner in the U.S. Army during WWI. George died 21 May 1955 and is buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery Section 224 Row A Site 16.

The Los Angeles National Cemetery is located on 114 acres of land. Its first burial was May 22, 1889. It is currently closed to new burials except for those who already have reservations or if a plot becomes available. There are two unusual canine burials in this cemetery. Old Bonus, an adopted pet of residents in the soldiers’ home located on the same grounds, and Blackout, a war dog wounded in the Pacific during Wolrd War II. A bronze soldier statue erected for those that died in the Spanish-American War in 1950. The memorial crumbled after the 1971 earthquake. In 1973 it was re-created out of concrete and plaster and reinforced with rebar.

United Spanish War Veterans Monument

United Spanish War Veterans Monument

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