Saunderson Castle

Castle Saunderson

The original castle was built circa 1573 by Robert Saunderson. It was remodeled extensively at the end of the eighteenth century and the first years of the nineteenth century. The castle was built on a peninsula, located on what is now the Cavan Fermanagh border. The dwelling was fortified. These grounds include a church and family grave yard.

In it’s history it has burned three times. Once in the 1641 rising, again in 1689 and more recently around 1990. The Saunderson Castle estate (currently only 103 acres) has an entrance in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

As was customary then, the eldest son typically inherited the family land. Younger sons were left to forge for themselves elsewhere. The Saunderson Castle remained in the family until 1977 when the castle was sold to a businessman for a private residence. In 1990 the Castle then sold to become a hotel. During this time there was a fire that caused extensive damage to the structure. In 1997 the Castle and Estate was sold to Scouting Ireland (the Irish equivalent to the Boy Scouts of America) and is undergoing renovations to convert it into a scout camp.

More about the Saunderson Lineage

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