Six Generations of Peirces

Next Generations in America

Generation 2

Isaac Peirce Sr. was born 1660; he married Alice Chartly.; died 28 February 1732 in Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Generation 3

Thomas Peirce, son of Isaac amd Alice (Chartly) Peirce, Sr., was born 1684; he married Naomi Booth, 16 April 1714 in Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Generation 4

Shadrach Peirce, son of Thomas and Naomi (Booth) Peirce, was born 8 July 1717; he married Abigail Hoskins on 16 August 1737.

Generation 5

Levi Peirce, son of Shadrach and Abigail (Hoskins) Peirce, born 26 February 1739 in Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts; he married Bathsheba Babbett on 11 February 1761; Levi died 1 January 1826 in Peru, Berkshire, Massachusetts.

Bathsheba Babbett was born 13 August 1742 in Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts; she died 31 August 1830 in Peru, Berkshire, Massachusetts.

Generation 6

Abner Peirce, son of Levi and Bathsheba (Babbett) Peirce, was born 4 October 1762 in Peru, Berkshire, Massachusetts; he died 28 January 1851 in Hartwick, Otsego, New York. Abner married Hulda Wilcox ib 1 February 1787. Hulda is the daughter of Capt. Samuel Wilcox and Lois Cogswell. She was born 1 February 1765 in Peru, Berkshire, Massachusettes. She died 11 February 1849, in Hartwig, Otsego, New York. More about the Abner Peirce family.

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