James Eli Pierce

Irish Jimmy Pierce

James Eli Pierce was well liked and was known by a number of names. Jim in his later years and Irish Jimmy in his younger years as a Golden Gloves boxer (see more about Golden Gloves Boxing). He was born 4 September 1919, in West Allis, Wisconsin.

He went to college 1 year and was employed as an express messenger or mail clerk prior to enlisting in the Army 25 Jun 1942 to be part of the World War II efforts.

About 1950 he was married to Marion Justine Anson, born 11 January 1922 in Minocqua, Oneida County, Wisconsin.

Jimmy and Marion had four daughters and a son.

Jimmy died tragically on 25 Aug 1956. He and his buddy, Maurice Spector, (age 21), went out fishing on Oconomowoc Lake in Waukesha County Wisconsin. The boat capsized and people on shore called the Waukesha Sheriff for help. The bodies were found the next day by divers. Jimmy is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee.

Jimmy’s wife moved out to California. She died 11 May 1966 in Riverside California nd is buried in Garden of Prayer Cemetery.

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