Ogden Pierce

Ogden Pierce, Sr.

Ogden Pierce Sr. was born on 19 May 1830 in Athens, Greene, New York, fourth child and third son of Dr. Eli Pierce and Sarah B. Burgess. He was educated by private tutors at the Hazelcot Mansion and attended the John Greer school. When Ogden was about sixteen years of age he began to teach school in the winter seasons.

When still a young man (circa 1856) he came to Milwaukee, and became a member of the Board of Trade. He remained here for some years. He then returned to Allen county and established a farm in the vicinity of Fort Wayne on property once owned by his father. After two or three years he gave up the simple farm life after his appointment to the position of railway clerk on the Eel line from Detroit to Logansport. He held this position two years when he was transferred to the Michigan Southern line from Toledo to Chicago. Two years after that he was transferred to the fast mail between Cleveland and Chicago. In 1876, he was transferred to the Pittsburgh line railway post office, and given charge of a car from Crestline to Chicago. He held this position until January, 1884, gaining the reputation of one of the most valuable men in the service.

On July 3, 1871, Ogden Pierce married to Miss Martha Ann Jones, daughter of David W. Jones. David was an editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Martha was born in November 1849. To Mr. and Mrs. Pierce five children were born.

  • Ogden Pierce Jr., born in 1876 in Athens, NY. In 1907 he was appointed general yardmaster of the Nickel Plate Railroad at Chicago with headquarters in Fort Wayne.
  • Ethel Pierce, b. November 1874. Was the wife of Alexander S. Reid. She moved to Richmond, Indiana
  • Robert Burgess Pierce, born June 1878. He lived in Cleveland, Ohio. Was a city manager for the Kelly Springfield Rubber Company.
  • Howard H. Pierce, born in November 1882. He lived in Fort Wayne, was an assistant ticket agent in the office of the Pennsylvania Lines.
  • Martha Burgess Pierce, born in December 1884. She continued to live at home until her marriage to Henry Levering. She later divorced and returned home.

In 1884 Ogden joined with Fremont L. Jones, his brother-in-law, as proprietors and owners of the Troy Laundry. He continued in the laundry business successfully until his death. Later, his nephew, John Eli Pierce, son of WYB Pierce, was also established in laundry businesses in Milwaukee and New Orleans by that name. We do not know yet if the businesses were connected.

Troy Laundry of Ft. Wayne Indiana 1916

Troy Laundry of Ft. Wayne Indiana

Mr. Pierce was a Mason and a lifelong member of the Episcopal church. He enjoyed the friendship of a wide circle of the representative people of Fort Wayne.

Ogden, Sr. died on 16 May 1905 at the age of 74 years 11 months and 27 days (3 days shy of his 75th birthday) in Fort Wayne.

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  1. chrissy Said,

    I have recently found photos of my grandmother’s house located at 2442 Hoagland Avenue, Ft. Wayne, Indiana and a newspaper article of the house saying it was built by Ogden Pierce in the 1890’s and that he owned Troy Laundry. It was a beautiful home. Wondering if anyone has pictures of the interior of the house while Ogden and his wife were living there. I believe my grandparents bought the house some time in the 1920’s or possibly the early 1930’s.

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