Abraham Peirce

Abraham Peirce

Abraham Peirce Sr. was born about 1600 in England. He emigrated in 1623 and arrived on the ship Anne. The shipmaster of the Anne was William Peirce. We have not yet determined the relationship if any to Abraham and William. Abraham Pierce is listed on the ship manifest. Also listed, but with no names indicated, are two of Abraham’s servants.

Isaac Allerton negotiated in England an agreement dated 26 October 1626 between the Adventurers and himself as “one of the planters” (later known as purchasers) resident at Plymouth. The agreement basically closed the original deal the Adventurers had with the colonists (they had to work for 7 years for the Adventurers in exchange for their passage to New World). In this agreement the Adventurers sold their stock shares, lands, merchandise, and chatles”, to these 53 original settlers. The list has 53 Plymouth names and 5 London men. Abraham Pearse was on this list of original purchasers.These people were privileged above all others in future land grants of the colony.

Division of Cattle

Abraham’s name shows up as one of the Residents of Plymouth included in the Division of Cattle. The Division of Cattle is a complete list of the all the residents of Plymouth as of May 1627. It divides them into 12 “lots”, with 13 people per lot sharing the use of one cow or calf and two goats. Families are generally kept together within each lot, and single men are listed throughout. In some places on the original document, names are scribbled in where newborns are included with the rest of their family.

Abraham Peirce was listed in the third lot that fell to Capt. Standish & his company. The 13 people in this group were:
1) Capt. Standish
2) his wife Barbara Standish
3) Charles Standish
4) Allexander Standish
5) John Standish
6) Edward Winslow
7) Susanna Winslow
8) Edward Winslow
9) John Winslow
10) Resolved White
11) Pengrine White
12) Abraham Peirce
13) Thomas Clarke

Military Service

Abraham served in the military as a soldier under Capt. Miles Standish in 1643.


Abraham married a woman by the name of Rebecca. Little is known about Rebecca. It has been difficult to confirm her surname. In a baptismal document for one of the children it states

Alice daughter of Abraham Peirce, of Plimoth, beeing brought hither by Goody Scudder, his wives syster and here baptised July 21, 1650

Translated this says Alice daughter of Abraham Peirce of Plymouth, being brought here by Goody Scudder, his wife’s sister and baptised here July 21, 1850. If Goody is male, we believe Rebecca’s surname to be Scudder.

Abraham and Rebecca had 6 children:

  • Abraham Peirce, Jr. b. January 1638, Plymouth
  • Rebecca Peirce, b. 30 March 1643, Duxbury, Massachusetts
  • Mary Peirce, b. abt. 1645
  • Alice Peirce, b. abt 1650
  • Isaac Peirce, Sr. b. abt 1660
  • James Peirce, unknown

Our family hails from the Isaac Peirce, Sr. branch. Abraham died about 3 Jun 1673 at the age of 73 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Abraham Peirce was the first member of the family who settled in Plymouth Colony and from him are descended most of the names, however spelled, in that section of Massachusetts.

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