Fanny Driscoll

Fanny Driscoll White

Frances Muriel Driscoll, known by the name Fanny Driscoll, was born in 1859 in Milwaukee, daughter of Daniel J. O’Driscoll and Sarah Maria Hardy. She was educated in the schools of Milwaukee. She was well liked in the community and in literary circles. She was employed for some time in the literary department of the Milwaukee Sentinel. She wrote many good stories, as well as, a large selection of poetry. Samples of her writings are available in the gallery section of the site.

On December 7, 1882 she married Henry Ten Eyck White of Chicago. Henry, known as Butch, was also a great writer. He became a newspaper reporter shortly after the great Chicago fire in 1871. He was born about 1853 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, son of Julius and Catherine White.By June 1878, Henry was the sporting editor of the Chicago Tribune. About 1885 he starting writing what was probably the first regular humorous newspaper column in the country, certainly the first to attract any attention. It was known as “Lakeside Musings”. He ghost wrote John Splan’s book Life with the Trotters. In 1885/86 he was made city editor of the Chicago Morning News. His articles Lakeside Musings were later published in a book by the same title.

Even before they were married Fanny became afflicted with congestion of the lungs. After they were married in Milwaukee, the couple went back to Chicago, and Fannie was treated there for general debility. After recovering somewhat, she was attacked with acute sore throat, which at the time, her physician, Dr. Wadsworth, thought to be just a case of bronchitis. Two weeks later, she came to Milwaukee to visit her parents and sister. After about a week, she decided to seek further medical attention. Dr. Fox, her childhood physician, examined her and diagnosed her to have consumption (Tuberculosis) He sought a second opinon from Dr. Spearman who confirmed the diagnosis. A week later, she passed on 27 February 1883 at the home of her parents. Married only 2 months and 16 days. She is buried at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee.

In 1886 Henry became managing editor of the Chicago Evening news. He married again to Marion Patton. He lived out a long life and died 31 Aug 1942 at the age of 89. He is buried in Rosehill cemetery in Chicago.

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