Duty to Country

Duty to Country

Many of our family served in the military. This is a listing of the various men and women who served to defend their country. I have listed these people first by when they served and second alphabetical by surname.

Pre-Revolutionary War

Heyford, Jacob
Colonial soldier

Jones, Josiah
Colonial soldier

Peirce, Abraham
1643 soldier under Capt. Myles Standish

Peirce, Isaac
9 September 1675 served in Narragansett War also know as King Philip’s War.

Peirce, Isaac
1762 Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts; commissioned ensign of the 4th company of the local militia

Peirce, Job Pre-Revolutionary War Soldier

Peirce, Levi 1757 served in local militia

Revolutionary War

French, Samuel

Howland, John

Peirce, Abiel

Peirce, Abner

Peirce, Christopher 1777

Peirce, David

Peirce, David

Peirce, Ebenezer

Peirce, Elisha

Peirce, Helkiah

Peirce, Henry
served as a private under his brother Capt. Abial Peirce

Peirce, John

Peirce, Richard

Peirce, Silas

Peirce, Uriah
son of Helkiah Peirce and Hannah Briggs
Revolutionary War Soldier at Lexington under Capt. Henry Peirce of Rhode Island.

Peirce, William
had the title of Col. Pierce

Peirce, Zadoc
son of Helkiah Peirce and Hannah Briggs
Revolutionary War solder of the 9th Regiment

Spooner, Benjamin

War of 1812

Burgess, William

Pierce, Samuel

Civil War

Johnson, Thomas Jefferson
First husband of Martha ???. Martha later married William Young Birch Pierce.
enlisted as a corporal in 1862 in the 28th Wisconsin volunteer Infantry, Co. G.
promoted to full sergeant.
died of disease in Helena, Arkansas 1863

Pierce, Herschell W.
son of Samuel Pierce and Sally Maria Wright
grandson of Abner Peirce and Hulda Wilcox
First Lieutenant of an Independent Artillery Company in Starkey, commissioned by Gov. Silas WRIGHT, and was a popular officer.
In 1861 he enlisted 25 men, united with the 76th NYV and was mustered as a private. He was promoted a Second Lieutenant, Jan 13, 1862. In the following battles he was engaged with his company having many narrow risks for his life: First and Second Fredericksburg, Chancelorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Wilderness, Laurel Hill, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Polopotomy Creek, Cold Harbor, Bethesda Church, Petersburgh, Weldon Railroad, Poplar Grove and Chapel House. Few soldiers did harder or more meritorious service.

Pierce, Levi S.
son of Samuel Pierce and Sally Maria Wright
grandson of Abner Peirce and Hulda Wilcox
Second Lieutenant in the Independent Artillery Company in Starkey
This was the same company as his brother.

Swan, Charles Henry
Served 15 Aug 1862 to 1 Mar 1863 6 months 15 days
Corp and Sergt. Civil War, 24th Wisconsin Co. B.

World War I

Cloutier, Edward Joseph
US Army

Schmidt, George William
Wagoner US Army World War I

Schoonmaker, John Raymond
He entered the army, being assigned to Evacuation Hospital, No. 37. The unit was formed at Camp Grant and was stationed at Joinville, Sebastian Barracks, near Toul, in France, after being sent overseas. Mr. Schoonmaker spent seven months in France and was discharged as first class sergeant on the 13th of June, 1919.

World War II

Pierce, William Harrison
US Marine Corp, died in service to our country in the South Pacific

Sanderson, Harold William

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