About Us

About Us

Several years ago Nancy contacted me to help her put together her family history.  At the time I did not realize how many stories there were to be found and researched.  We are putting together this website for all the future generations of the Sanderson, Pierce, O’Driscoll and related families.  The purpose is to preserve the stories so that future generations can share in remembering the family history.

“We have a very colorful ancestry. My Mother used to tell stories her Dad told her as a child. My Mother has passed away, but I am verifying her childhood stories. People would make fun of her…say she just made these tales up. The family was very wealthy at one time. But, my Grandfather, my Mother’s Father, John Eli Pierce, Jr. was cheated out of his inheritance by a very unfortunate lifestyle choice in his youth, which was set up and encouraged by a crooked guardian. The young Pierce family with their six children were left destitute. My Grandfather was the best dressed ditchdigger in Milwaukee.” -Nancy

The families began their journey in Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland), emigrated to Massachusetts and NY, then some to Indiana, some to Wisconsin, some to Ohio, then eventually on to California. Thier history is still unraveling.  Each new finding opens another chapter of  stories to be remembered, researched and documented. If you have any stories to share about any of these families or family names, please contact us. You can post a comment to the bottom of the page or post a message in the inquiry section of the site if you have a question. We would love to hear from you!

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